Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Change Plates

I went ahead and ordered some REP V2 rubber coated Olympic Plates

(2) - 10#, $36
(4) - 5#, $36
(2) - 2.5#, $9
Total $81

These will essentially be used in the basement gym where I have a pair of 45# and 25# crumb rubber bumpers.  The mix of plates will be ideal for bench press and squats.

I have considered getting another barbell, but do not mind taking my beater bar up and down the stairs for now.

I am still itching to get the Eleiko change plates.

UPDATE:  Picked the plates up on 1/25/2021 and was impressed.  They were well packaged and did not have much oil on them.  There was a pretty brutal outgassing smell that should dissipate before too long.  I would not survive working in a Chinese plate manufacturing facility with the smell of rubber in the air

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