Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rogue Bella Bar

After an inordinate amount of time hemming and hawing over a barbell purchase, I finally pulled the trigger on a 15kg Rogue Bella Bar with Black Zinc finish.

79.13" overall length
dual knurl marks
25 mm diamater
13.00 inch loadable sleeve
bright zinc sleeves - medium oxidation rate
F6-R (F Rating) - good durability rating
190,000 PSI tensile strength

I wanted a second barbell for a while and this will be perfect for me for Olympic lifting, Powerlifting and Crossfitting.  The only downside to this bar is absence of a center knurl (but they do not make 15kg barbells with center knurl.  It is strong enough for all the lifting I do.  It is slightly shorter (good for tight spaces) and it will be much easier for me to grip compared to my 31 mm barbell.

Cost was $215 + $25 S&H + $10 tax.

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