Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sharkk Fitness - Bag Class

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sharkk Fitness - Coach Mike

0900 - 5 of us

Bag Class

Bag class is kickboxing done on the bags.  I was using the Haysabusa bag.  It was the softest and lightest.  They had an intermediate bag and then a legitimate heavy bag.  We were essentially doing 3 minute rounds with some other movements thrown in like squats, jumping jacks or push-ups.

The combinations were called out and then we would execute.  For example 1-2-3 low kick would be jab left, jab right, jab left, low kick right.  We always kick with the leg opposite the last movement.  Sometimes we would switch legs.  Later in the class we also put them together.  We finished with a high kick drill.

Mike suggested I get my own pair of gloves if I wanted to continue coming to bag class.  I ended up ordering a $35 pair of 16 oz. Venum Contender gloves from Amazon.  The price point was reasonable and the weight is based on sparring weight class.  I could have gone lighter as I am just training, but at this price point, I do not mind making a mistake.

If I wanted a Hayabusa bag at home, they run about $169.

I would feel comfortable bringing the kids to bag class.

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