Friday, July 17, 2020

Nutrition Week 7

I have been able to maintain a healthy athletic diet with very little snacking and very little refined / processed sugar.  My weight has stayed stable at 183#.  If I want to continue to lean out, I will have to reduce caloric intake.  There are opportunities to reduce processed carbohydrates such as bread (for lunchtime sandwich and with dinner).  I could also start counting the macadamia nuts I eat as a snack.  The best would be to begin to reduce portion size and be comfortable being a little hungry at the end of a meal.  

That hunger is simply a reminder from my brain that my fat stores are not as high as they once were.  I need to remember that given the ease at which calories can be acquired, high fat stores are not required for survival.

I am still looking forward to checking my A1C in another 5 weeks.

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