Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rep Fitness Clearance Sale

Rep Fitness is starting to open up the showroom again as they have limited quantities of stock that has been returned or has inadequate packaging.  I came armed with my list of wants including 35# DB pair, resistance bands, weight tree, change plates and a 25 mm barbell.  I was willing to settle for anything between 20# and 35# dumbbells.

Even at 1:30 after a full morning of customers they had a fair selection including 20kg barbells, V2 Rubber Coated Olympic Plates, heavy kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, benches, a pull-up system and single Olympic plates in various weights among other items.  They had a 25# pair of rubber grip hex dumbbells and a 27.5# pair of rubber coated hex dumbbells.  They also had a lot of weight for adjustable dumbbells.

I also looked at 3100 folding rack accessories and they had j-cups and spotter arms.  I have both and decided to hold off.

I ended up grabbing the pair of 27.5# dumbbells for $0.75/lb and my sales rep was kind enough to throw in a free t-shirt (normally $20 on clearance for $10).  The dumbbells worked out to $41.25 (with tax $43.21).  That is a substantial discount versus the retail price of $65.

I would still like to get a pair of 35# dumbbells, but this certainly gives me a great training option as the 50# dumbbells while standard for competition are pretty beefy for me to train with.

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