Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bench Press - Metcon

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Home Gym


Bench Press

1x175 (plan was a double, but it got heavy)


2 rounds of
20 wall ball sit-ups (throw to 48" target)
20 box jumps (20")
15 KBS (35#)
9 Pull-ups

This was a pretty tough workout.  The wall ball sit-ups were 10/5/5 the first round then 8/4/4/4 the second round.  The box jumps were steady and unbroken.  I originally considered 24" but I did not have it in me.  The KBS were the easiest and I should have stuck with 21 reps.  The pull-ups were all singles.  I finished in 12:18.

The conditioning was inspired by Comptrain which called for "Ladybug" which is 3 times through of 1 round of Kelly followed by 1 round of Helen.  A round of Kelly is 400 m run, 30 wall ball shots and 30 box jumps.  A round of Helen is 400 m run, 21 KBS, 12 pull-ups.  I started by scaling the volume.  Then due to rain, I decided to skip the runs (so as not to slip on the box jumps).  Finally, I scaled the rep scheme as well.

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