Monday, July 27, 2020

Out of Stock Equipment

Concept 2

I placed my name on the weight list for a Concept 2 Ski Erg and Rowing Machine on May 20th.  My name finally came up for the ski erg and floor stand on July 24th, but I am going to forego the purchase in favor of the rowing machine.

The rowing machine is a more universal piece for high intensity interval training and will set up well in the basement over the winter.

UPDATE 7/28/20:  My name came up on the wait list and received a confirmation e-mail for my rower purchase!

Rouge Fitness

I also got an e-mail for the Matt Chan 1.2 Barbell on July 24th and despite getting to the website in minutes, it was already sold out.  I subsequently put my name back on the weight list


I still want the 14x16x18" squat box.  I briefly considered the Titan Fitness 12x14x16" plyo box.  It is in stock, only $69.99 and includes free shipping versus the $150 EliteFTS model which will also have an unknown shipping cost.  I checked my leg length and the perfect box squat for me is about 15" so both will meet the objective, however the EliteFTS box will certainly be more stable with 50% more volume and mass.

York Barbell

I have continued to poke at the York Barbell website hoping to order a standard curl bar and colors.  I keep being met with the notice that "Due to heavy volumes, we have temporarily suspended ordering. Please check back within 24 hours."

UPDATE 9/1/20: Random luck, I was browsing the website and was able to order a barbell and collars.


I also need some resistance bands and plate storage, but otherwise am fully equipped for home training.  

I still peek at Titan Fitness for silencer pads.

Titan Fitness - $149 free shipping
PRx Performance - $184 + $33 shipping
Rogue Fitness - $249 + $30 shipping

These are quickly falling off my list as I have not been programming as much Olympic Lifting.

UPDATE 9/14/2020 - In stock and I grabbed a set of the Titan Silencer Pads.

The "La Yunta 93" Strongman Yoke is back in stock at Raptor Fitness Supplier for $485 and I wish I was in a position to get one of these.  However, I will continue to wait until I have a bigger gym space.

The 5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier is still in stock at Rogue Fitness for $199, but cast or laser cut plates are still out of stock.  I definitely want to wait until I am at 175# body weight to build a 20# weight vest (additional $60).  I may still order the 5.75# plates and throw in 6# of scuba weights.

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