Monday, July 6, 2020

5.11 TACTEC Plate Carrier

I have been able to continue my journey as an athlete with proper fueling for a little over 5 weeks.  I will get my A1C checked again in another 7 weeks and will hopefully be sitting in a better position.

The carrot for me will be purchasing a weighted vest from Rogue Fitness, once I move past 175 pounds body weight.  Training with the 20# vest will be a good reminder of why athletes consume calories in quantities sufficient for sport, but not maintaining body fat.

They currently cost $199 and the plates are another $60 for the 8.75# pair of USA Cast Vest Plate Pair.  Patches can be ordered for an additional $5 each, but I think I will just grab some from Amazon if I am so inspired.

I have seen these occasionally come on sale for $159 and I am certainly willing to wait.

These certainly seem pricey for a weighted vest and the other options are between $100 and $150.  While a significant savings, not significant enough for me to just get what I want.


My weight dipped down to 179.0# on 9/13/2020 and I am getting closer to that vest.

I just priced out the 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier for $199.99 + 5.75LB Weight Vest Plate Pair for $43.00 + $30.65 Shipping & Handling + $12.32 Tax = $285.96.  Ouch!

Powr Performance - Vest $114.99 + 14# Powr Plates for $42.99 + $8.98 (2) patches + $21.99 shipping = $188.95.  That is a pretty significant savings.  For Labor Day, they had a 15% off code that would have covered the cost of shipping.

UPDATE (11/29/2020):

The 5.11 Plate Carrier is on Black Friday sale for $149.99 and free shipping.  Considering I have yet to use the knock off plate carrier that I purchased.  Not in a hurry to buy this.  Plus I gained 9# and now weigh in at 188#

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