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Friday, August 21, 2020

Skilz - Strongman Metcon

Friday, August 21, 2020

Home Gym


Warm Up

Jumping Jacks
Hip Hammy
Wrist Mobility

HSPU Technique

Every 2 minutes - max effort
Handstand Hold - 20 sec
HSPU 2 abmat - 3 reps
HSPU 1 abmat - 1 rep
HSPU book - failed attempt
HSPU 1 abmat - 1 rep
HSPU 2 abmat - 2 rep

Rope Climb

Every 90 seconds max effort x 4 attempts

Strongman Metcon

For Time:

400 m run
5 tire flips
400 m run
5 stone to shoulder (70#)
400 m run
5 tire flips
400 m run
5 stone to shoulder

I grunted through this in 13:54.  The runs started at 2:30 and slowed quickly.  The strongman efforts were 30 to 45 seconds.

Abmat sit-ups

Finished with Tabata sit-ups (20 seconds on 10 seconds rest for 8 intervals).  I managed 65 reps.  I started with 9 reps the first 2 intervals, but fell off of that pace.

Programming was my own.  I was looking for a pivot workout.  Substituting rope climb for pull-up and playing with the strongman equipment.  I was targeting a 20 minute workout and should have added 2 more sets with 400 m runs and axle bar deadlifts. had tabata work, CFG had back squat and wall ball shots and I had my fill of wall ball shots on Wednesday.  Vintage Crossfit's interpretation of Comptrain was really good and I may opt for that in the future.


For Time (25 minute cap)
5 Rounds of
21 cal row
18 DB snatch (50#)
15 Burpee
12 DB box step up (50#)

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