Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Rogue Rower Hanger


Found this little beauty on Facebook Marketplace for $20.  That is 80% of retail ($25), but when you figure in shipping and handling for $14.22 and tax at $1.77 for a total of $40.99 it is not such a bad deal.  I don't mind having my rower and bench on the floor, but I did want to go ahead and snag this.

She also had "WallBall 6#" listed for $50, but I can grab one of those from Amazon for $66 new and get free shipping so I decided to pass.


After some research on Dynamax Medicine Balls

6# Standard (14") - $85 (Free shipping from Rogue and Amazon, $10 flat rate from Dynamax)
6# Mini (10") - $66 (Free shipping from Amazon, $10 flat rate from Dynamax)

So $50 represents just under 60% of retail and is probably a fair price.  It is still available.

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