Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sharkk Fitness - RTS 1

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sharkk Fitness

1815 - 4 of us

10 to 1:  360 Ballistic Curl + Bear Series

This was a long grueling set 10 in each direction of 360 with a ballistic curl then 10 Bear Series, then 9 in each direction, etc.  We were doing bear push-ups similar to the following video but without the cobra pose a the end

8 to 1:  Figure 8 Squat Press + Spiderman Push-up

This got long as well.  With the KB movement, the KB starts in the left hand is passed between the legs to the right hand where it swings across and the bell is received in the left hand, a squat is performed and then an overhead press.  Then from the right hand it passes between the legs to the left hand and the series completes for 1 repetition.  The spiderman push ups were better than the bear series, but I was breaking these up as well.

8 to 1 Uppercut + Hindu Squats

I only did the round of 8 and spent the last 5 minutes of class foam rolling.  The uppercut starts with the head of the mace back, holding the mace on the right hand side in a double overhand grip.  The left knee goes back and then goes forward with the mace rotating to perform the uppercut.  Do all 8 on one side and then all 8 on the other.  Hindu squats were interesting and I may incorporate them into my body weight workouts.

Finished with foam rolling.

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