Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sharkk Fitness - RTS 1

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Sharkk Fitness

1815 - 3 of us (Hammer, Mike and me)

Warm Up

SM 360 x 30 each direction

Steel Mace - 2 rounds

360 x 30 (15 each direction) - should be heavy, I went all the way to the bottom of the 10# mace

Jedi Squat x 10 - this is a one arm 360 (if held in right hand swing over left shoulder, stabilize and then do a squat with mace held out in front)

Scorpion Push-up x 14 - do a face down scorpion twist while doing a push up

Uppercut x 24 - mace head is back on left side, lunge right leg back and then step right leg through into an uppercut

DB/KB Block - 2 rounds

DB Arnold Press x 15 (17.5#)

DB 21's (17.5#)

Toe Touch Pike x 15 - in pike position with legs straight, reach right hand for outside of left ankle, then left hand for outside of right ankle, then pike push-up

KB Side Swing x 24 - I used the 8 kg KB as this is a new movement to me; swing KB and rotate winding up to about 45 degree angle, then uncoil and swing KB up to shoulder level

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