Thursday, August 13, 2020

Dip Bars

The Rep Fitness 3000 series racks have been discontinued and they are an odd size.  Although they are approximately 2" x 3", they are actually 50 mm x 80 mm and some folks could have attachment compatibility issues.  Rep discontinued these racks and now offers 2x2 or 3x3 racks in the PR-1000 and PR-4000/5000 respectively.

I am debating adding some matador bars to my rack.

From Facebook Posting - $85

I have a Rep fitness 3000 series dip attachment. This is only compatible with 2x3” racks with 5/8” hardware. Used only a couple times. Switched racks before I was really able to put it to use. 

From the Rep Fitness website - $89

Dip Attachment for Series Racks

Compatible with PR-3000, PR-3050, SR-3000 and SR-3100 to add strict, weighted, banded dips to your workout.

**Please note that you should add counter weight to any rack that is not bolted to the ground.

For Comparison, the Rogue Infinity Matador are $83.49 and The Titan T-3 Y Dip Bar is $79.99

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