Thursday, September 10, 2020

Gym Membership?

I went out for a run today and the cooler weather was surprisingly pleasant.  The run today also got me thinking about whether I wanted access to a treadmill this winter.

I have been considering a few options.

Currently I have a membership at Sharkk Fitness.  I have enjoyed the program, but am ready for a change of scenery.

BeStrong Strength and Conditioning - 5160 Parfet Street, Wheat Ridge - 15 minute drive from the house - I enjoyed training here and am anxious to see the new facility.  They are definitely geared for powerlifting, but have plenty of space for general fitness.  $45/month.

Planet Fitness - 7635 W 88th Street, Westminster - 5 minute drive from the house - I have always looked down on Planet Fitness with disdain, but they always have a great selection of cardio equipment and I need access to cable machines which they have as well.  I need to visit this location and see if it could work for me.  $10/month + $40 annual fee applicable around November 1st.

I definitely want a month to month option.  Assuming the global pandemic subsides to some degree, I expect myself to be working from the office instead of from home and that would put me back in the position of training at Crossfit Golden 

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