Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pull-ups - Metcon

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Home Gym


Warm Up

Hip Hammy
Kip swings
Scap pull-ups


Every 90 seconds, (4) sets of the following:
Station 1) weighted or strict pull-ups 2-3 reps
Station 2) banded pull-aparts x 20 reps

Round 1 - 3 strict pull-ups
Round 2 - 3 + 5#
Round 3 - 3 + 10# (video)
Round 4 - 2 + 15#


"Pipe Down"
Power Clean (115/85)
Hand Release Push-ups
directly into
21-15-9 Push Press (115/85)

I modified this to 75# for both movements and planned on 15-9-6 for the Push Press (75#) and I switched the T2B to abmat sit-ups.

It was a tough workout.  Light enough that I could go fast, but heavy enough that cycling a barbell was not trivial.  I split all of the movements into 2 sets, e.g. 11/10, 9/6, 6/3.  I finished the first block in 7:50 and the entire workout in 12:22.  I could have likely managed the 21-15-9, but felt like I got a good stimulus.

Programming was inspired and blended from CFG and Comptrain for 9/22/2020.

Equipment Update

I used the Titan Silencer Pads for the first time and they did seem a lot quieter.  When put to the dB meter test, silencers were at 79 dB and the stall mats were 81 dB.  Although there was not much difference in the max dB recorded, I feel like they did the job of quieting quickly.  It is difficult to characterize vibration, but that is as difficult an issue as sound.  I will evaluate them again when my wife has time to listen for the noise from the garage.  I had a barbell loaded to 75# and was dropping from overhead.  These will be useful this winter also if I transfer to training in the basement.

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