Monday, September 21, 2020

SLIPS - Metcon

Monday, September 21, 2020

Home Gym



Scales - Front Scale (both Legs) Back Scale (both legs) ~20 seconds each position, two times through

L-sit - 4x max effort hold.  I clocked the first effort below at 13.5 seconds.  30 seconds by the end of the year?

Inversions - hold, 2x2abmat, 1x1abmat, negative to floor, 2x2abmat

Plank - on elbows for 2 minutes

Stretch - not really


For time:

4 Rounds of:
400 m run
10 deadlift (155#)
15 WBS (14#)

This was as tough as expected.  I came out of the gate hot, with a 2:15 run, 5/5 deadlifts and unbroken wall ball shots.  Things slowed down, but I maintained the rep scheme.  I might have been able to go a little heavier on the deadlifts, but I am still wary of touch and go deadlifts.

R1 - 4:06
R2 - 8:30 (4:24)
R3 - 13:20 (4:50)
R4 - 18:17 (4:57)

Programming was inspired by CFG and comptrain.

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