Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sharkk Fitness - RTS I

 Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sharkk Fitness

1815 - 4 of us including Mike

Indian Club Training

This was the first time training with Indian Clubs and I used the 10# club for all movements.

3 Rounds of

24 Clock Squats - This starts off as a side swing.  Holding the club with straight arms and the right hand on top, swing the club to the left in a half squat and then pop hips to carry club up and to the right, then shoulder the club and perform a squat.

24 Pull Over Front Press - Hold club tucked in on right side with right hand on top, extend over and behind head, pull over and press forward, opening up the grip.

14 Sit Out Swing - Hold club with right hand on top swing forward and drop into a squat.

All of the exercises are mirrored so that half the reps are on the left side.

Finish with a burn out set of 

20 Curl Rotations - Part biceps curl, part rotation.  Hold club out to the side with arm extended, curl to 90 degrees and rotate club 90 degrees, curl to shoulder and press overhead, lower the same way.

This was super fun and actually had me thinking of keeping up my membership.  The class started and ran on time and everyone was engaged.  A lot of fun.

I took a quick look at the Onnit website:  10# Steel Club is $27.95, 15# Steel Club is $39.95, both are in stock.

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