Thursday, September 3, 2020

York Standard Curl Bar

I finally received my York 1" Standard Chrome Curl Bar with Fixed Inner Collars.  I also got two dumbbell collars and a sticker pack.

This was nothing fancy, the bar was $15.95, the collars $2.98, the stickers, $5.00, but the shipping via UPS ground was a whopping $17.27.

The bar is an incredible upgrade from my hollow, beat up curl bar that did not have a lick of knurling.  This has medium knurling and feels solid.  Per the website it weighs 11 pounds.  I opted for dumbbell collars in order to maximize the loadable sleeve length.  Outer barbell collars are fine for bars that have more loadable sleeve, but the curl bar only has 6 inches of sleeve and the short collars take 1 inch of that.  Barbell collars could take up to 3 inches each side.  

I am going to use it primarily for barbell curls, pullovers and skull crushers.  I could have got an Olympic curl bar.

This is a good solution and I am certainly more pleased to own a York and will be returning the Marcy Curl Barbell that I purchased from Big 5 Sporting Goods.  My biggest gripe with the Marcy was the spin lock collars, which I have had nothing but negative experiences with in the past.

I must admit that part of my obsession was watching Nick's Strength and Power Strict Curl videos.

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