Wednesday, September 9, 2020

New Bands

Rep Fitness was showing stock on some pull-up bands so I went ahead and ordered an XXX-Light (Yellow) for banded pull aparts, face pulls and general warm up.  I also ordered a Heavy (Blue) band with the intention of working on pistols.

The same day that I picked them up, I was helping my daughter do banded pull-ups only to have my X-Light (Black) band break.  My XX-Light (Red) is still intact, but probably on its last leg as it is the same age and has been stored in similar conditions.  These bands were purchased on Amazon and are branded as Functional Fitness bands.

Moral of the story is that next time I am placing an order, I should go ahead and order a red and black band.  I will likely add a purple and green in the future.  From Rep, buying a bundle is $70, but buying them individually is $74 so not much of a loss.

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