Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Track Hurdles

Antwun Baker was kind enough to put some extra hurdles up on Facebook Marketplace and I was fortunate to contact him within hours of listing.

I picked them up today and they are in great shape and should make an excellent plyometric tool for offseason training.  The listing mentioned (3) but he actually had (4) that he was giving away.  Fortunately they fit nicely in my car.

Antwun is really fit and played football and was a sprinter in college.  He had some great tips about getting kids ready for sports including not only plyometrics, but also footwork drill.  He does support weight training for athletes of all ages with focus on technique and quality movement rather than heavy weights.  Finally he filled me in on winter track.  Training is usually in hallways or gymnasiums and only training outdoors when weather allows.  Meets are usually held at CU Boulder, UCCS (Colorado Springs) or Colorado School of Mines which all have indoor track facilities.

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