Monday, October 2, 2023

Fall Cleaning

As the weather cools and the home gym space will be regaining priority it is time for some housecleaning.  The following items are listed on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Vintage Weight Plates - (7) 45lb at $100/plate (9/22/2023).  Will not sell at this price, but trying to gage some interest.  JD offered $100 for the pair of Billards.  Update 10/13/2023.  Still little interest

HiTechPlates - (2) 10lb and (2) 2.5kg.  Listed for $100 (9/15/2023), dropped to $75, would like to get at least $60, not much interest. Sold to Daniel Herrera for $70 and threw in the white homemade 2kg plates.

Werksan Change Plates - (2) 2 kg, (2) 1 kg and (2) 0.5 kg.  Listed for $100 (9/15/2023), dropped to $60, not much interest.  Would like to get $40 ($2.5/lb).  Update 10/13/2023. Still little interest.

Rogue Farmer's Carry Handles with OSO Collars - Listed for $200 (9/5/2023), dropped to $180.  Some interest.  People were more interested in the weights than the handles. Sold to Daniel Herrera for $180.

Weight Storage Rack - Listed for $25 (paid $30) 10/1/2023 - Some clicks and people are more interested in the weights than in the rack.  Update 10/13/2023.  More interest on this, but no offers.

The Weight Storage Rack listing actually got me a buyer for some standard plates.  I sold my pair of Hollywood Healthways for $20 (50# at $0.40/lb).  I sold some pig iron for $20 (40# at $0.50/lb).  $40 in my pocket feels nice, but having 90# less weight to move next time feels even better.

Per discussion with Vintage Weightlifting Swap (Rob E and Jonathan M) the following would be the going rate in their area (Pittsburg/Orlando respectively)
  • International (single) - $75
  • Billard - $185-$250
  • Schisler - $150-$200
  • Universal - $200
I kind of want to keep the Universal now that I am closing in on a set and I do not really feel like parting with the others either.

Daniel Herrera seems like a pretty nice guy and they are trying to rebuild Herrera's Boxing that was broken into.  Some bags were stolen along with weights.  I am considering selling some of my weights and could part with:

Hi Temp Rogue - (4) 45 - $2/lb ($360)
XPRT Crumb - (2) 15 - $2./lb ($60)
VTX - (2) 10 - $2/lb ($40)
CAP - (4) 10 - $1/lb ($40)
270 pounds total ($500)

Hi Temp Keepers - 25/15/10
High Density Keepers - 45/45/35/25/25/10

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