Monday, October 23, 2023

CrossFit Lutz

Friday, October 20, 2023

CrossFit Lutz


Warm Up

200 meter run
line drills
shoulder warm up
movement prep


3 Rounds
20 DB Snatch (55/35)
20 Swings (with the same DB)
50 DU (100 singles)
500 meter row
-rest 3 min-
1 Round
40 DB Snatch
40 Swings
100 DU (200 singles)
1000m row

This was a long workout with a soft 35 minute cap.  I scaled to 25# dumbbell, did singles and was able to maintain a steady state effort throughout the workout.  I finished the first 3 Round block in 16:20 and started the final round at 19:20 and finished the workout in 30:30.

Coach Evan took (4) of us through a nice little workout.  (2) female and (1) other male athlete.  The facility itself was not much from the outside.  It was co-located with some batting cages.  The max number of athletes would probably be 6-8.  They had a short rig.  Mostly dumbbells with few kettlebells.  They had a rag tag assortment of barbells and mixed Concept 2 and Xebex rowers.  On the cleanliness continuum, it trended toward gritty and even the stall mats did not align smoothly and another athlete was shifting around in order to do double unders.  I did not realize this, but my brother in law typically trains there as few alternatives exist close to the house.

They had water and pre-packaged smoothies for sale.  Drop in rate was $20 or $25 with a t-shirt.  So, I have another t-shirt.

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