Monday, October 9, 2023

USAWA Member of the Month - June 2023

I had the honor of being recognized as the June 2023 Member of the Month by the USAWA.

The member of the month of July is Sanjiv Gupta.  Though Sanjiv is a relatively new member, he is an enthusiastic one.  Having just competed in Nationals in June, Sanjiv participated in the Colorado record day in July, and set or broke five USAWA records.  This is certainly not where his contribution ends, though.  He was an active participant in the discussion at the national meeting where a few changes were made.  He is serving on the advisory committee, which was newly formed after the national meeting.  Perhaps his most daunting challenge, though, is assisting Scottish Johnny in the capacity of Records Director.  Scottish Johnny has told me that having Sanjiv on board has been a game changer.  His contributions in just his first member as a member of the USAWA have been impressive to say the least.  Congrats Sanjiv!  Well deserved!

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