Monday, October 23, 2023

Carrollwood Day School 5K

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Carrollwood Day School


5K Run

I turned in a blazing (for me) 5K of 31:30.  The course was a little weird and I actually clocked 3.24 miles at 9:34 pace.  My lungs felt great.  My legs were not really ready to move fast.  Interestingly, my heart rate averaged 164.  Significantly higher than my training pace.

For my age:
Tempo 140-154 (where I usually am) 7.1%
Threshold 154-168 66.4%
Anaerobic >168 25.0%

I actually backed off when I saw numbers in the 170+ range.  I am not about to have a heart attack during a charity 5K.  Fun event with some great families.

Officially dubbed "The Caplans' Patriot Run 2023" they had t-shirts and medals, but with my race day registration, I did not get any of the goodies.  Still nice to give $40 to charity.

My brother in law and my 8 year old nephew ran the race together finishing a few minutes behind me.  I was very impressed by their effort.

Dropping in on a 5K was a nice testament to my training philosophy of being able to jump into any mainstream adventure without any special preparation.

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