Thursday, October 26, 2023

ScrapMasters Custom Welding

I came across this company on Facebook and Instagram.  They are well regarded and support the strength community.  Most of their items are strongman and highland games oriented.  They also have some amazing rebar creations that have been used as trophies.

I inquired about a Dinnie Training Set which runs $200 shipped.  This is a reasonable price point.  Cerberus set up is $200, but you can often get 15% off, but I like the ScrapMasters design.  They are basically loading pins set to height, shackles and rings.  Your choice of color on the loading pins.

I also inquired about a 42# WOB and the implement would be $210 plus shipping.  It includes a hand forged handle and shackle.   Michael Black is significantly cheaper, but I expect he will raise his rates in the future.

The owner is Clint Moneymaker and is renowned for his quality welding.  He was recently endorsed by John Oka.

I am re-evaluating where I want to go with feats of strength.  I am leaning away from Dinnie training or Inch dumbbell training.  I think I would prefer to continue on with grip tools and test.

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