Sunday, October 1, 2023

Local Vintage Weights Popping Up

The last local find I had was back in February.  It was a pair of deep dish Billard that I managed to grab at 50 cents a pound and really like the look of.  Now in the same day, I have come across two interesting posts.

First up is some Universal Plates.  I grabbed a pair of 45s in January 2022 and had no luck building out a set.  Then Brandy Speedy was selling a set on Vintage Weightlifting Swap (45-35-25-5, 220 pounds for $400 if I remember right; I offered $30 for the 5's and snared them, the rest sold quickly as well at asking price of $200 for the 45s, $150 for the 35s and $100 for the 25s).  Michael Songcuya Lumanog had a nicely restored set of 45-35-25-10-5-2.5 for sale for $500 recently ($700 with shipping).  Then, I saw some 25's and 10's pop up locally with a bar for $100 (Kendall Fike-Gervin).  The bar looks like a shorty and now I have hope to build out the set ($1/pound for the weights plus $30 for the bar is fair pricing).  The hunt is on for 2.5s.  No rush I have plenty of 2.5 including (Vintage York, York Legacy, International CANADA stamped, Ivanko, Kabuki Strength, Weight It Out).

I was able to pick these up and they were pretty rusty from hanging out in a garage.  I will give them the quick and dirty PB Blaster, 3 in 1 oil, and then highlight the letters in a few days.  Upon seeing the incredibly well restored 5 pound pair from Brandon, I may have to up my restoration game.  The bar should clean up well also.  It is a cheap bar with socket ends, but not rusted through as there was still good spin.

Photo from the set Michael is selling

Same day, I come across some 40 pound York Buns for $100 right here in Littleton (Phil Locke).  I reached out to the seller same day, but certainly not within hours.  It would be a nice pick-up, but not something I need necessarily, but could make for some interesting trades down the line.  I checked his sold history and these have popped up quite a few times with other items, so no real hope of picking up the dumbbells.  Marked as sold.  We will see if they pop up again.

The last item that caught my eye is modern and all the way in Thornton.  It is a nice Hoist preacher curl bench being offered for $250 by Krista Glodt.

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