Wednesday, October 25, 2023

HomeGrown Lifting

I was eyeing these plates about a month ago and found a listing on Facebook Marketplace.

I picked them up today and I have mixed feelings.

  • Seem durable
  • Nice crumb feel
  • Fleck rubber looks cool
  • Press finished is lousy (lettering, numbering flaked off)
  • Accuracy is low (+0%/-10%)
For the $70 I paid for 50 pounds of plates, I am still quite pleased.  I will give them a whirl on the dumbbell handles.  I do feel like it would be a non-issue to drop these and they would hold up ok, regardless of how much or how little weight is on the bar.  They are pretty thick.  I need to measure to see what the maximum loading would be.

Seller.  JW Redell seems like a nice enough guy.  He bought these after comparing overall cost to adjustable dumbbells such as Power Block and Nuobell.  He mistakenly bought more than he needed assuming they were sold as singles instead of pairs.  The story seems to make sense.

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