Saturday, October 28, 2023

Hand Cleaner

I am starting to look into hand cleaners to get the oils off my hands prior to training grip.  I am not sure how much it matters, but starting to do some homework.

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner (Pumice) No Petroleum Solvents - Has some lotion in it

Gojo (Pumice) - lotion formula

Full Bore Hand Scrub - no solvents, just soap and grit (Extreme Green or Super Grit) - $6 + $10.65 shipping

Zolex Hand Cleaner - $8.99 + $7 shipping

Bear Paw Hand Cleaner

Tarkelp - $2.49 Harbor Freight

Probably just need to ask Steve.

@teamgupta - Sanjiv Gupta
@the_crushah - Sarah Chappelow
@dinged7469 - Jeremy Everding
@rocky_mtn_grip - Steve Millard
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