Sunday, October 15, 2023

Hugo's Cleanout Continues

Original listing around 10/14/2023

Another batch of high end gym equipment.  The Iron Island plates and Legend leg machines sold.  Surprisingly the dumbbells (price reduced twice) and the 100lb and 45kg plates are still available.

Pending  · Legend Fitness Squat Stool, #3143

The Legend Fitness 3143 is a commercial quality Barbell Squatting Stool fabricated from 3 x 3 x 11 gauge steel and fully welded for the highest possible structural integrity. The seat pad is constructed from 2 thick rebond foam with an 8 lb. per cubic foot density rating. This firm padding adds stability to the lifter and holds its shape even under the heavies payloads. Additionally, numerous height adjustments accommodate different size users and lifting styles. Using your squat stool while performing barbell squats on top of a wooden weightlifting platform inside a power cage or squat rack? The 3143 includes thick rubber feet that not only protect the urethane finish and wood underneath, but also keeps the user from sliding while in use. This squat stool is American Made for heavy freeweight training in school weight rooms and commercial gyms.

Legend Fitness Ground-based Grappler, #3220, with Grappler Wide Handles, #3220W

The Ground-Based Grappler is a weighted base plate with two gimbaled sleeves. To make it work, you secure one or two Olympic bars in the sleeves. Then you have the ability to perform a wide variety of upper body and lower body functional training. It is, essentially a floor-based version of our popular Dual Landmine attachment. The Ground-Based Grappler is a multifunctional piece of equipment that allows a wide range of exercises in one small area. Comes only with the wide handles. 

Legend Fitness 3-way bench, #3103

The Three-Way Utility needs no explanation. Simple? Yes. Plain?Hardly. It adjusts from 0 to 85 degrees in a flash, and can be rolled about easily with one hand. Look no further for a bench that sets the standard. Even the seat locks into position for incline work. What are you training? Chest, shoulders, arms, or back? Take a seat on the Three-Way Utility for all this and more.

Legend Fitness Trap Shrugger, #3165

Legend Fitness #3165 Walk-In Trap Shoulder Shrugger - Add strength and size to the trapezius muscles of the shoulders with the Legend 3165 Plate Loaded Trap Shrugger. The trap shrugger allows the user to perform a shoulder shrug using an opposing grip just like using a pair of dumbbells. With the palms facing in toward each other, there is no torqueing of the wrists or arms as heavy lifts are performed. Additionally, the user can simply walk into the frame and grab the handles that remain at a consistent 24.5 high. While the shrug is being performed the hands and arms remain aligned with the trunk and hips keeping the spine erect and eliminating the user from hunching over which is a common site when performing shrugs with a barbell.

Legend Fitness Lat Pulldown/Low Row

2-in-1 tool for massive back development. Fully welded. Exchange one snap link for another to move from deep reaching floor rows to pulldowns. Three-inch thick seat is adjustable for height, as are the upholstered thigh rollers. Load pegs and telescoping surfaces are chrome plated to minimize scratches and rust. Top of fully welded frame features UMHW wear-guards to protect the powder coat finish from the supplied wide-grip lat bar. Weight carriage is finished in our chip-resistant Silver Vein powder coat and weighs 30 pounds. Note that the pulldown bar is 48 inches wide. This is not reflected in the measurements below, so plan accordingly when planning floor layouts.

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