Sunday, October 1, 2023

Rearranging the Gym

I rearranged the gym to give myself a little more room to move around and also get some stuff off the floor.  I rebuilt the Titan Mass Storage System and it is half empty.  I swapped the Yoke for the Squat Stands and rotated the set up 90 degrees.  I moved the dumbbells against the wall.  I unloaded the standard weight storage and just stacked the weights up on the floor.  Finally, I moved the non-daily driver plates further from the squat stands.  It feels roomy and more manageable.  If I can figure out how to mount to concrete, I want to install some wall control (45" high by 36" wide with room for another 20" wide section).  Probably go with two 32" tall x 16" wide sections mounted side by side.  $49.97 from wallcontrol.

I rearranged the garage gym as well.  I removed one section of storage, moved the barbells to the corner, and moved the Atlas Stones out of the primary space and tucked them under the stairs as they are less frequently used.  I moved the bands next to the whiteboard.  I did get a lot of stuff off the ground and feel like I have more floor space for metcons. 

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