Friday, October 13, 2023


Abmat has come out with some pretty innovative products over the years.  I personally own the original Abmat and the barbell cushions.  I may yet get an Ab Amigo and a banner.

I have been more skeptical of some of the other items like the Barbell Bomb ($45), Preacher Pad ($130), Hip Thrust Pad ($50), Pivot Pad ($135), Split Squat Pad ($30+), Landmine Grip ($40), 1/4 Rings ($40), Heavy Hangers ($85), Zercher Pad ($65), Massage Gun Holder ($100), Chest Up Pad ($65), Floor Press Pad ($225), Roolox Barbell Collar ($88), Atlas Stone Return Ramp ($235), Saxon Grips ($65)

Barbell Jack EVO ($65), Medicine Balls ($105+), Loadable Dumbbell Cushions ($45), Roobox ($275), Wall Amigo ($35), Crash Cushions ($250), HSPU Pad ($40), Log Crash Cushions ($395), DC Blocks Crash Cushions ($175), Box Squat Pad ($150) all make sense to me even if I am not willing to pay for them.

The Dracula Pad for $350 has jumped the shark.  Unfortunately it does look comfortable and would probably suit a lot of folks home gym decor.  

I do respect Abmat for working with designers who are trying to solve a problem.  I do not like doing floor press.  It is uncomfortable.  Well, I think we can fix that.

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