Friday, October 6, 2023

DekaFit / Hyrox

A friend of mine has inspired to consider Hyrox / Deka events.

Hyrox comes around infrequently, but there is a Deka affiliated gym in Highlands Ranch that is hosting the Deka Mile on November 5th:

The Deka Mile has only 0.1 miles of running between stations (vs 500m in the Deka Fit, therefore one mile of running rather than a 5K)

Zone 1. 30 weighted alt rev lunge (55 lb)
Zone 2. 500m row
Zone 3. 20 BJO or Step-up Over (24")
Zone 4. 25 Med-Ball sit-up (20 lb)
Zone 5. 500m Ski Erg
Zone 6. 100m Farmers Carry (60 lb each hand)
Zone 7. 25 Cal Air Bike
Zone 8. 20 Dead Ball Shoulder Overs (60lb)
Zone 9. 100m Tank Push/Pull (Xebex Level 8 resistance; Torque Level 3)
Zone 10. 20 Weighted Burpees (44 lb)

Only having 4 weeks to train is not great, but it all seems doable.  Lunges will light me up for the rest of the event, but the rest should be OK, until the burpees which would be the finisher.

UPDATE 10/29/2023 - I ended up registering for this event and selected the 10AM wave on 11/5/2023.  I did some unweighted lunges today and felt OK.  If I start to tighten up, I can always bail the weight, accept the DNF and do the rest of the event for fun.

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