Monday, October 2, 2023

Homegrown Lifting

It is not too often that I am impressed by dumbbell innovation, but the Homegrown lifting has come out with adjustable dumbbells that use bumper change plates.

Homegrown Lifting:
They sell a 55# Pair of dumbbells for $285.
It includes:
(2) Handles - $35 each
(2) Pairs of Clamps - $16.50 each
(16) 5# change plates - $18.50 per pair
(4) 2.5# change plates - $14 per pair

To make a 50# dumbbell would take 11 pound handle + 4 pair 5s and 1 pair of 2.5s + clamps.  Plates would be 4x$18.50 + 1x$14.00=$88.  Plate cost was fine but shipping was another $40.  Still not horrible at $3/pound, but would be nice to pick up if I am ever in Kentucky or South Carolina.

Gungnir Dumbler:

Kensui Fitness:
$40 - 9cm peg
$100 - 10.75cm peg
$9 - centering adapter for 2" plates
$39 - adjustable 2" extension

UPDATE 10/24/2023

JW Redell just listed 50# of these for $70.  He accidentally ordered too many.  For me, it works out really well.  I get to try these out and can use existing handles to build out (2) 35# dumbbells which is suitable for most of the dumbbell work I do.

"Accidently ordered twice as many weights as desired (they came in pairs) so selling the excess. 4x 2.5lb and 8x 5lb change plates for a total of 50 lbs. Perfect for loadable adjustable dumbbells Save the $36 of shipping I paid by buying local!"

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