Friday, February 23, 2024

Sorinex Desk Caddie

I am a big fan of all things physical culture.  Fortunately I dodged the heavy mug/stein/shot glass train, but I could not avoid the Sorinex Desk Caddie.

The 3x3x14" 11 gauge behemoth, will not sit on my desk, but it will be in my gym to secure remote control for the clocks, dry erase markers, and the sharpie that are currently scattered on a window sill a cup that I have screwed into the wall below my white board.

The $35 price point is very reasonable considering how much work has gone into fabrication, but it is pretty ridiculous for what it is (a glorified cup and phone kick stand).  Sorinex went as far as to offer free shipping.  I am a little curious as to what it will weigh in at.

Finally the desk caddie is made out of recycled materials.  So rather than boring out a giant hunk of steel, the laser cut and put some end caps on scrap 3x3.  Great idea!

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