Thursday, February 1, 2024

3 Gun Shooting

The Ben Lomond Gun Club in Ramah, CO is hosting a 5K Blast & Dash with 16 obstacles and 8 stages.  I would fall into the 2-Gun Men's age 50+.  The pistol round count is 90 and the rifle round count is 60.  Targets are out to 600 yards.

Cost is $100 to enter which is certainly reasonable, but this all seems a little overwhelming.

Looking at the website, they also have 3 Gun matches the second Saturday of every month which is $32 and hopefully will allow me to get some comfort with range safety and my surroundings.

While I am certainly getting ahead of myself, I think the place to start is trying out the Ruger AR-556 MPR which retails for $900.  This seems to be a reasonable entry level sporting rifle from a well known manufacturer.

I should also sign up for the BluCore rifle class.  It is being held next Thursday, February 8th from 6-9 PM.

In addition getting more comfortable with my pistol is probably a good thing and selecting an entry level holster and tactical belt.

Stoeger M3K is a popular shotgun for 3-gun shooting.

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