Thursday, February 15, 2024

Screaming Deal on Calibrated Plates

I absolutely do no need these, James Hooper is not making it easy:

"Set of like new, Eleiko Powerlifting Plates - IPF Certified with original calibration decals. Selling these as an entire set for the competition lifter or powerlifting/barbell gym that needs them. The set is 10 each 25kgs (red), 4 each 20kgs (blue), 2 each 15kgs (yellow), and 4 each 10kg (greens). Photos show one of each, but they are all in identical pristine condition. Please see photos.
These would cost over $4K from Eleiko - get em all for just a grand.

Fun with math, that is 400kg (880 pounds) for $1000.  $1.13/pound is great for pig iron.  This set should be going for at least $2/lb ($1,760).  I would consider a flip, but cannot really justify it.  Especially as most non-competitive lifters in Colorado still prefer pounds.

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