Monday, February 5, 2024

January 2024 - Month In Review

The Numbers

(13) powerlifting sessions
(4) general conditioning
(5) grip
(12) runs for 25.1 miles
(3) swims for 3200 yards
(1) indoor bike for 7.03 miles

The Gym

Iron Grip 22.5# DB
Intek Plates
Roman Chair
Plate Storage Pins
Deka RAM
Preacher Bench


Little Big Horn
Fulton/Inch DB
Rolling Thumber
1" V-Bar

Overall, it was a good month of training without any injuries and a solid run bias taking advantage of nice weather.  Lagging would be bike sessions and metabolic conditioning, especially with the open right around the corner.  Still setting a good foundation for Grip, Highland Games and USAWA competition.

No competitions in January.  I did a virtual Zercher lift for The Iron Palace Podcast.  My next even is the USAWA 2024 Grip Championships in February.

My weight was stable bouncing between 197 and 201.

Most of the gym purchases were with purpose including the Roman Chair (USAWA) and Deka RAM (Deka.Fit).  The plates, dumbbells and storage pins were a good deal.  The Preacher Bench was vintage.

Grip was purposeful also.  Little Big Horn (King Kong), 1" V-Bar (USAWA). Fulton/Inch (USAWA).  Rolling Thumber was a novel implement from Nemesis Grips that I will submit to online challenge.  Flask has been contested for a long time and I will film some lifts for Joe Hodgson's online challenge.

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