Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Back Pain!

My back has been acting up and I wanted to document the incident for future reference
  • Thursday - Feb 15 - Tight spot on the upper right side, decided to just bench, no better/no worse, treated with Quill
  • Friday - Feb 16 - 5 hour drive to Hays, Back felt worse, treated with Quill and Advil in the evening
  • Saturday - Feb 17 - Grip Championship, popped an Advil before lifting, back felt fine
  • Sunday - Feb 18 - Back felt bad, popped an Advil and drove 5 hours back from Hays, tried reverse hyper, foam rolling and nothing helped, started Advil every 8 hours (200mg)
  • Monday - Feb 19 - Very little improvement, kept on Advil and visited the chiropractor for adjustment, felt slightly better, treated with rest and heat, walked for a mile
  • Tuesday - Feb 20 - Back feels much better, still took an Advil in the morning, walked at lunch and using standing desk
  • Wednesday - Feb 21 - First day without Advil, walked a mile at lunch; hip hammy, crossover symmetry, reverse hyper in the evening
  • Thursday - Feb 22 - Went for a 1.5 mile run and felt OK.  Minor pain at times (2 out 10), but easy to run through

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