Sunday, February 11, 2024

Vintage Weights & Physical Culture Giveaway

20 pound York Buns - $80

25 Pound Milled York  Olympic - $80

Unbranded Spinlock - ?

Newcastle Dumbbell

Unmarked Sandow Gripper

5 pound Thor Change Plates

10 pound Waffle Plates

York Spinlock Collars - $80

Zuver 10 Pound Plate from Lat Tower

5 pound globe dumbbells

10 Items to give away in recognition of 3000 members joining the group.  Not great odds, but I had to throw my hat in the ring.  Deciding what to pick up was tough as they are all collectible, but I would not actually train with any of them.  My ranking

  1. Zuver 10 Pound Plate - Nice display item
  2. Thor Change Plates - Might actually use
  3. Milled York - Have a set
  4. 20 Pound York Buns - Considered as I do not have any buns
  5. Newcastle Dumbbell - Kind of cool, but I do not know anything about Newcastle
  6. Chrome Spinlock - Kind of cool, I do not have any spinlocks
  7. 5 pound Globes - Would probably clean up nice
  8. Waffle Plates - Not really chasing any standard plates
  9. Sandow Gripper - Never played with these
  10. York Spinlock Collars - King of cool, but a little bit of a project.

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