Saturday, February 3, 2024

Little Batch of Grip Implements

This small lot of grip implements popped up for $20 in Longmont and I am pretty excited.  It looks like a Little Big Horn, 4" Crusher, and Titan's Telegraph Key.  Regardless of condition, this is a great value to increase my collection of implements. 

I contacted Aliya McCauley-Hartner 4 hours after she listed, she responded quickly and was willing to accept Venmo payment and do porch pick-up on Monday.  With the clear roads, I decided to go ahead and pick up today.  Niwot is about an hour away, but well worth it for these well seasoned implements.
Loading the Key up with 5 pounds was a surprisingly challenging 8 reps.

The crusher weighs 21 pounds.  I added a pin and 40 pounds of plates to manage 64 pounds.  This will be a very good wrist development tool.

Not sure what my plans are for the Little Big Horn as I just purchased one direct from IronMind.

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