Friday, September 22, 2023

Thor Strength Showdown - CANCELLED

I had started training for the Thor Strength Showdown and even 12 weeks out it was slow going and I was nervous.

Event 1 - Trap Bar Deadlift & Carry - 420# (I tested up to 335# and it was heavy)

Event 2 - Log Press - I could not break 165# off the ground.  With a barbell I was at 115#.

Event 3 - Flip, Carry , Drag - Untested, but some days I struggle to lap 125#

Event 4 - Conan's Wheel - Untested carry of 400# implement

Event 5 - Sandbag Squat - Felt good at 100#, but could only do single reps at the starting 125# weight

With my Iron Titan membership going through at least October 11th, I will continue to work on these events and some of the other toys.  I definitely need to continue to work with heavy weights at near max effort to develop overall core stability and strength.

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