Saturday, September 9, 2023

Littlefoot Triathlon 2023

Fenix 6 Data:

SWIM:  819 yard (22:14.8, 2:43/100 yards)
T1: 2:15.9
BIKE: 8.87 miles (37:12.3, 14.3 mph)
T2: 1:17.2
RUN:  3.11 miles (35:45.3, 11:30/mile)

I woke up at 5:30, weighed in at 197.6 (9 pounds heavier than last year) and started getting ready.  I was a little constipated but pooped twice at home, had an Imodium and then a good bowel movement at the port-o-let on site.

I arrived around 6:30 and felt like I was the last person to park and set up transition.  I set up and then grabbed my timing chip and was body marked (after going back for ID and race bib).

It was around 60 degrees with a solid breeze that was creating quite a bit of chop on the water.  The swim course was counter clockwise starting into the wind, then with the wind and then back against the wind.  Going out was fine (aside from swallowing a mouthful of water).  Siting was tricky after the first turn and everything was tricky heading back to the boat launch.  I was relieved to get out of the water and was happy to be greeted by the wetsuit strippers.  My swim split was 7 seconds slower than last year.  Not bad given the conditions.

T1 was smooth aside from getting my shoes on.  I put down my wetsuit, goggles, and cap.  I put on my helmet, sunglasses and race belt, dried feet and put on my shoes sitting down.  My T1 split was 74 seconds faster than last year.  Considering how much more gear I put on last year, I was expecting to save time.

Bike was smooth with no mechanical issues.  The weather was perfect for a ride.  My 37:12 split was 6 minutes faster than last year.

T2 was smooth.  I removed helmet and cycling shoes.  I put on visor and and running shoes and headed out.  My 1:17 split was half of last years time.  Again considering the cold weather gear last year, I was expecting an improvement.

The run started off slow with a longish break to urinate.  My 35:45 split was nearly 2 minutes faster than last year.  Some of this was weather, but I have been running more.  I was happy that my calves and ankles did not act up.

Overall, my unofficial 1:38:46 was roughly a 10 minute improvement from last year.  I had some pancakes, grabbed some sodas and headed home.  All things considered an excellent event.


1:38:42 (12/13 M 50-54; 140/169 M)
S: 22:13 (11/13) - winner 16:03
T1: 2:19
B: 37:08 (13/13) - winner 27:59
T2: 1:19
R: 35:41 (12/13) - winner 26:28

Tim Sandell and Richard Hendry were battling it out in the 55-59 division taking 9th and 10th overall and finishing a little over a minute apart.  Vickie Mateo was the fastest female at 1:05:17.  Looking at my splits, the biggest opportunity for improvement is on the bike.  The key to a fast bike split is strength to weight ratio and there is opportunity to improve both of those.  Bike handling is less of an issue on this course.

I reviewed the 2022 and 2023 male 50-54 year old times and 8 athletes competed in both events.  5 showed improvements of (5, 7, 7, 7, and 11 minutes).  1 athlete was flat.  2 athletes slowed down by 1 and 5 minutes.  Transition times in 2023 were faster overall by about a minute on T1 and T2.  Swim was slower in 2023 by about a minute.  Bike was faster in 2023 by about 2 minutes.  Run was faster in 2023 by about 2 minutes.  I think weather was the deciding factor.  

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