Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Titan Fitness Farmer's Carry Handles

I came across a nice set of top loading Farmer's Carry Handles on Craigslist which were a 5 minute drive from my house.

I have been using the Rogue Fitness Farmer's Walk Handles which work fine.  They are a pain to load and unload and they do have limited functionality.

Alternatively the Titan Farmer's Carry Handles can be modified with an attachment to allow them to be used as a frame carry.  The negative is that the top loading handles are more difficult to store.

I originally purchased the Rogue handles with OSO collars for $130 (current retail is $205 + $49.95x2 + shipping to Colorado and taxes = $378.22).  With any luck, I will sell my set for $200 and offset the cost of the Titan Handles which were $60.  If that works out, I will likely buy the link connectors for $90 so that I can create a frame carry as well.

He also had a Mike Bartos Stone of Steel for sale for $600 (retail is $1200), but I could not even lap the empty stone (135#).  Part of it was radius and surface texture, but a lot of it was just the absence of raw strength.

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