Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rage Fitness Soft "Atlas Stones"

Jason Papazian listed these on Facebook Marketplace for $2/lb.  The 50 and 75 sold quickly.  The 100 and 125 have been reduced in price.

100# initially $200, then $175, now $150 ($1.50/lb).
125# initially $250, then $225, now $200 ($1.60/lb).

He was doing both 100 and 125 for $350 and is now doing both for $300 ($1.33/lb)

These retailed for $200, $215, $245 and $250 respectively for 50, 75, 100 and 125 pound implements and they actually went up as high as 250 pounds.  They have been discontinued, but stock still shows up on secondary websites.  Dynamax still makes them but are $245 + $55 shipping for the 100.  (50, 75 are $200 and $220 respectively).

I am tempted to offer $120 on the 100 pounder which would be a good weight for me to do a lot with.  I would use it for carry, stone to shoulder and stone over shoulder.  However a sandbag would be more practical and cheaper.  The upside to these is no messy sand to deal with.  The downside is how sturdy is the shell.  May not work out well on concrete.

For comparison a 100 pound sandbag would cost $95 from Cerberus, $80 from Rep and $90 from Rogue (not including shipping and fill sand).

100 pound deadball from Titan is $140 and from Rogue $266.

Sandbags are typically 16" in diameter and height at 7.5" for a 100 pounder.  These beasts are 22" in diameter.  Typical med ball is 14" in diameter.

Seems to be a reasonable seller.  He flipped some calibrated Rogue plates and has some specialty barbells for sale as well.  

I ended up grabbing the 100 pounder after testing both at Jason's gym.  I was able to lap the 125 pounder, but really do not want two of these.  He has a great strongman setup in his garage with premium Mike Bartos equipment, large tires, stones, tank, yoke, farmer's carry handles, loading platform and plates occupying 1 bay of a 3 bay garage.  Jason is a nice guy and was parting with these as he now has a full set of concrete stones plus the stone of steel.  Unloading it from the car seemed heavier than testing it in his garage.  That the is the pro/con of training around other people.

Gym Junkeys distribution prices:

50 - $200
75 - $215
100 - $245
125 - $250
150 - $305
175 - $380
200 - $400
250 - $450

Does not include shipping, which should be at least $50 up to a certain point.

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