Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Unloading York Equipment

A local York legend and transplant from the East Coast is starting to move some items from his personal collection.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am not in the market for any of it.  Original listing was around September 20th, 2023).

While it is a cool piece of history to own some Iron Islands.  I am out at $3/pound which is well below market value.  I would sooner own Rogue Arnold plates.  

The 45kg and 100lb do not interest me as they are too heavy for me to move around and really only useful for USAWA lifting.  

The dumbbells were really enticing.  First they are all Pre-USA stamped which is awesome.  Second the $5000 price point is very reasonable.  The smalls (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,12) would conservatively price to $1100.  The 5-50 would conservatively go for $1.50/pound or $825.  The 55-90 would go for $2/pound or $2320.  The 95s could command $570 and the 100s could command $800.  The (3) racks could go for $500 each.  All in, you are talking $7,115.  Not to mention that I have not seen a full set offered in Colorado.  In the country, I have only seen full sets come across the block about once a year.  Definitely a premium find for some lucky individual.

Pre-USA Marked York Roundheads - $5,000 (reduced to $4,750; 10/16/2023 reduced to $3,995)

I’m selling my complete collection of York, Roundhead dumbbells. These are pre-USA marked. Set includes 1 to 10 pound pairs, a pair of 12 pound dumbbells, and  pairs from 15 to 100 pounds in 5 pound increments. Heads are tight. Handles on 90’s or 95’s are a little bent, but can be straightened. All but 95’s have been repainted. Included, are three legend fitness dumbbell stands. Will not sell individual sets.

These are rarely in complete sets and very hard to find outside of the East Coast.

York 100 pound pair - $750 (reduced to $675)

I’ve got a pair of hundred pound, York barbell single sided powerlifting plates. These have a very find milling on their backs. Local pick up strongly preferred.

York 45kg Pair - $750

A beautiful pair of 45 kg single sided powerlifting plates. These plates typically come in gold or black. As you can see, these are black what makes them even more unique is that the backs are smooth not milled. York did not mill plates when the plates were within tolerance from the foundry.  no cracks some marks from wear and tear over the years and perhaps a little bit of surface rust. 

York Iron Island 45s - $1,250 (pending within hours)

I’m selling a pair of Iron Island Olympic plates custom made for the late Ken Leisner‘s Iron Island gym by York Barbell.  Only a few hundred pair of 45s were made for the gym. These plates have been repainted, and are milled. Have not decided on whether I will ship or not. If I do prices exclusive of shipping costs

Legacy Fitness Plate-Loaded Seated Calf and Leg Extension - $1200 (calf raise still available for $600)

Selling the Plate-Loaded Seated Calf
MODEL #3119.

I had it made for me a few years back and they have only seen use in my home gym. $600. New the Calf Raise is over $1000.  Leg Extension is sold.

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