Friday, September 22, 2023

Vintage Olympic Weights

The time has come to thin the herd which includes 835# of Plates.  I listed the above 315#.

If I am successful liquidating I will be down to 310# of York, plus 90# AFA Falcons, plus 70# Bronco's painted Billard/BFCO, plus 30# International, plus 20# USA for a total of 520#.  That being said, there is no harm in having 3 sets of 45s plus 2 sets of change (25-10-5-2.5) = 440#.

York Plates (310#)
45x2 keep
35x2 keep
25x2 keep
10x4 keep
5x10 keep
2.5x4 keep

Billard (140#)
45x2 sell
25x2 keep (Bronco's)

AFA Falcons (90#)
2x45 keep

Schisler (90#)
2x45 sell

Universal (90#)
2x45 keep

International (75#)
45x1 keep
10x2 keep
5x1 keep
2.5x2 keep

BFCO (20#)
2x10 keep (Bronco's)

USA (20#)
2x10# ?

With the potential pick up of some more Universal Weight Plates, I am starting to shift my goal to possible completing another set.

Set 1 - York - 100%
Set 2 - Universal - Need 2x2.5; Skipping the 2x35
Set 3 - International - Need 45, 2x25, 1x5; Skipping the 2x35
Set 4 - Billard - Need 2x10, 2x5, 2x2.5; Skipping the 2x35

Maybe I could swap these around to make full sets?

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