Friday, September 29, 2023

Anand's Gym featured on Carp's Gym

Definitely enjoyed seeing Anand's home gym with excellent commentary and discussion from Carp.  

Accessories pretty standard and slightly over the top.  Nice tip on the Banana Grips.

Nice call on the AC.

Love the Abmat Roo box

Glute Ham Roller - Multiple vendors $85-$130 (Vulcan to Sorinex)

Great set of barbells including specialty bars (Kubuki Kadillac & Rogue Transformer)

Nice rack. Not cluttered with unnecessary attachments.

Appropriate amount of weights.

Oak Club Wessey - Square Tube

Great Benches.

Smart play on dumbbells (10-50 in 5 pound jumps; 50-100 in 10 pound jumps) - Urethanes kick ass.

Kettlebells Kings,

Concept 2 Rower
Kabuki Kratos

Titan Belt Squat - Squat Max

My gym is certainly more cluttered with strongman equipment and functional fitness items.  Cardio is pretty similar.  Powerlifting set up is similar.

Great equipment selection and organization.  Very engaging commentary and discussion.  It is nice to have a comfortable space with temperature control, entertainment, and premium equipment where you need it.  Very cool that the accessories can be used for a variety of movements.  I will have to do some homework on ballistic blocks.

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