Friday, September 22, 2023

Concept2 Ski Erg

Concept2 Ski Erg for sale in Lakewood for $800 (Sarah McGravni).  It appears to include the base and is in good condition.  I have been interested in one for a while, but have hemmed and hawed for a couple of reasons.  
  • They are large items
  • I already have one cardio piece
Retail from Concept2 is $850 for the ski erg, another $220 for the base, $100 for shipping and $50 for tax which puts a buyer right at $1220 to the door.  $800 is a fair price and if I decided that I was not using it enough, I could likely sell for $700 without much trouble.

I would use it to train for Hyrox and also as an alternative to setting up my Concept2 rower which has a similar foot print when not in use, but a larger foot print when in use.

I have near zero interest in a treadmill and some interest in an Echo Bike or Assault Bike which can usually be found for between $500 and $600.  Bike Erg from Concept2 is $1100 (shipping and tax is probably another $150) and I have not seen many on the secondary market (UPDATE, one was listed 2 days ago for $900).  The Bike Erg is only 68 pounds versus the Echo Bike which is pushing 123 pounds.

I ended up meeting meeting the seller at a nearby Walmart and the erg was in great shape and only had 198,692 meters (17:26).  She had organized all of the hardware and the only thing not included was the manual and the torx driver.  If I want one, I could purchase from Concept2 for $2.90 plus shipping.  Turn out that I knew her from the rooms and could trust that the rower was received as a gift during Covid and she is selling because it is collecting dust as she has two gym memberships.  It took less than 15 minutes to assemble and will be a great addition to the gym.

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