Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Clean & Jerk - Metcon

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Garage Gym


Warm Up

Reverse Hyper
Crossover Symmetry
Hip Hammy Flow
PVC Pass Throughs

Clean & Jerk

Build to Heavy

125-135-145 (felt good)

First time working with the Eleiko Weightlifting Barbell (SN 230302 154327) and it felt really good in hand.  I could do without the shiny chrome aesthetic, but the knurling and spin are quite good.


5 rounds for quality
Every 3 minutes:
1 PU
5 Push-up
10 Air Squat
10 Sit-up
5 Box Jump (24")
1 PU

I originally planned this as one minute rest between rounds, but I was finishing plus or minus a few seconds of 2 minutes and decided to go every 3 minutes.

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