Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Digging for Gold

First come, first serve, no holds, 50 cents/pound.  I reached out to Sean about an hour after posting and got there an hour later and scrounged up a nice pair of Billard deep dish 45s (looks like skinny "O" not Taiwan stamped and a pair of USA deep dish 10s.  They have been painted and there is some rust, but as far as I am concerned, $55 well spent.  There was a pair of Ivanko 25s that I nearly picked up as well, but I am not ready to start that set.  I also passed on some Weider International bumper plates.

Everything except the rack sold within an hour of me stopping in.  If I were a flipper, I might have tried to buy for 50 cents/pound and sell for $0.75 to $1.00 per pound, but I have not been interested in that.

Lots of other good stuff too including a large set of Ivanko pro style dumbbells for $400 and a 5-50 set of Rep straight handle dumbbells for $300 ($0.55/pound).  The Rep dumbbells were pending within hours.

The Rep dumbbells were scooped up by Brian Tetreault and relisted for $800.  $1.50/lb is certainly reasonable and I do like the straight handles.  Even if he ends up letting them go for $600 it is still a nice mini-investment to flip gym equipment.

The Ivankos ended up being a full set from 5-100 missing a 65# db and a bent handle on one of the 70#.  I know this because I saw the flip post from Seth Walker with much nicer pictures and a listed price of $2600.  2100 (full set) - 65 db = 2035# of weight at $0.20/lb and Ivanko are a premium brand.  Even if he ends up dumping them at $0.50/lb that is still a great flip of $600.  He should be able to get somewhere between $1500 and $2000 for the set.

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